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Growing up with an Aunt the same age as you is a true blessing. From hanging out together, sharing secrets, doing each other’s hair and sharing clothes. Let’s not forget the love and laughter. My aunt Candace has been through some of the hardest battles that I couldn’t see myself getting through. Her love for Christ and hard work to beat the odds has truly paid off. From all the negative things she’s endured and to witness her transformation is truly breathtaking! I’m here to say that I’m truly proud of the woman she’s become. Her beautiful soul and smile to top it off. My name is ShaJuan Wilson the niece of Candace Willett this is my testimony that I’ve watched a little girl that has been through the worst come out on top! Too God be the glory!!!!
- ShaJuan
Candace Willett book had me feeling so many emotions from beginning to end. The healing that's in her testimony alone for many women and young girls who experience the same exact thing on the daily basis. For me it helped me open up about my sexual abuse as a young girl and not feel ashamed not feel like it was something wrong I did it helped me realize I'm not the one with the issues I didn't do anything wrong at all I was just a child. The domestic violence I experienced I was able to become free from all of that by reading her chapter and feed my spirit and soul I'm so thankful for her and for her testimony and her courage for opening up about the things she went through cause she is going to reach a lot of young women and older women and even men and young men the sky is the limited I want to encourage Ms. Willett to continue to be a blessing not to just me but so many others even when she feel like she not helping understand she is so thank you soo much Mrs. Candace for your encouraging words and testimony continue to be a blessing 😘💕🥰🙏🙌 I would love to start by saying Candace walks with The Lord and is blessed. To have told her story in the manner she did, kept me reading until the end wanting more. Thank you for sharing your powerful story with the world. Can not wait for her next book, Author Justice Carter
- Shanye