About Me

Candace Willett

Candace Willett is a Mom, Wife,  Evangelist, Content Creator and Powerful Prayer Intercessor .  She has accomplished much already in her life: entrepreneur (owning her own Day Care Facility, Maryland Notary Republic), educational accomplishment in Massage Therapy and so much more.  

In life, we all experience different levels of trauma.  It is our responsibility to engage the process of healing and then help others to do likewise.  Candace is a living testament to just that and she has worked with teens for the past 5 years in Baltimore City.  Being a native of Baltimore, she has used her experiences and her life to serve as a catalyst for change and an agent of transformation for others.  

Candace takes to the street with conviction, boldness and a mandate on her life to go after those living on the margins of life.  I can tell you that her story is going to impact you in a deep and profound way.  She is indeed a force to be reckoned with and trust me when I tell you, she is just getting started!!!  She is  married, and she and her husband are the proud parents of one son.   


Evangelist Candace has begin her ministry touch therapy by providing healing massages to many women throughout the DMV area and has been given the name “Magic Fingers” and “Gifted Hands” by many of her clients that she has touched either with a a relaxing massage or performing deep tissue massages. She is indeed gifted and use all her gifts to encourage other women to tap deep within to find their passion to drive their purpose.  


Check out her newest crafts she has created by using those Anointed hands to create beautiful masterpieces ranging from customize tee shirts, mug, tumblers and so much more. 


“God is within her, she will not fall” does not mean that you will not fail. It means that God will not fail you. Psalm 46 redirects your focus from the chaotic, unstable world around you to the God who is able and willing to be your refuge, your strength, and an ever-present help in trouble.



Provides leadership, vision and resources to rape crisis centers, individuals and other entities committed to ending sexual violence. Oppression is a root cause of sexual violence, and we are committed to ending it in all of its forms.


  • Monthly Meetings to provide support for women and young adults.
  • Eliminating the conditions that cause and perpetuate sexual violence is critical work in preventing rape and sexual assault.
  • Doing effective, survivor-centered work requires that we are aware of personal privilege(s), personal biases and how they affect personal expectations and behavior.